I thrive on the resonance of language, allegory in form , authenticity of material, the spaces in between — I thrive on creativity, craft and the power of imagination.
I designed retail installations for Uniqlo Heattech in their 3 New York City locations. The iconic architecture by the Japanese firm Wonderwall is a celebration of light and air — with endless spans of white walls, interior glass and mirror — that makes the unapologetic use of color in the clothing stand-out. 
Inspired by the warmth, weightlessness and bright color of the Collection, I wanted to infuse the in-store experience with the sensation of stepping into the feeling of Heattech wherever you went inside the vast 3 story space. Walking through the retail environments, 10,000 linear feet of colored fluorescents reflecting endlessly in the glass architecture brought that sensation to life. From the facade to the interior, the feeling of the clothing appeared to pierce through the glass and mirror architecture
Then the Holiday season arrived. I filled the stores with thousands mirror balls, dozens of white neon snowflakes and miles of red metallic vinyl. In the flagship on 5th Avenue — from the soaring curtain wall to every floor inside — shoppers walked into a glittering snow globe of light. 
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