Mike Brown, Principal, Founder
I am an SVP Creative Director / Design Director with over 20 years of experience designing for notable brands and agencies in media and entertainment. Through my award winning design consultancy, Lot71, I've worked with notable brands as Chanel, Bulgari, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Adidas Y-3, Uniqlo, CNN, Verizon, MLB, and Coca-Cola, and agencies such as Collins, Rockwell Group, Radical Media, Ogilvy, Momentum, Wasserman, and Grey. Recent full time positions include SVP Group Creative Director, FCBX, and VP Creative Director, Experiential Strategy & Design, Superfly.
I am a storyteller driven by creativity, craft and the power of imagination. I believe in the power of design to re-ignite human connectivity. I create environments and experiences that bring stories to life across all senses. I thrive on the resonance of language, allegory of form, authenticity of material, and the spaces in-between.
I believe the digital age has sparked a profound renaissance for design and the human experience — both for what we can create and what people are craving now more than ever — meaningful emotional connection.  Launched in 2019, The Capture Shop is my new platform dedicated to creating work that helps make the world a better place through design. ​​​

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