Mike Brown, Principal, Founder
I am an SVP Creative Director / Design Director with over 20 years of experience designing for notable brands and agencies in media and entertainment. I am a storyteller driven by creativity, craft and the power of imagination. I create environments and experiences that bring stories to life across all senses. I thrive on the resonance of language, allegory in form, authenticity of material, and the spaces in-between. Visionaries in architecture, design and technology inspire me. And I am driven to build solutions that are responsible, intelligent and beautiful — digital to physical, pop-up to permanent, interactive to multi-sensory.
 I've held positions at FCBX (SVP Group Creative Director), and Superfly (VP Creative Director, Experiential Strategy & Design). My clients have included Chanel, Bulgari, Swarovski, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Adidas Y-3, Uniqlo / Fast Retailing, CNN, Verizon, MLBCoca-Cola, and Collins, Rockwell Group, Radical Media, Ogilvy, Momentum, Wasserman, HavasGrey.
I believe the digital age has sparked a profound renaissance for design and the human experience, both for what we can create and what people are craving now more than ever — meaningful emotional connection.  I believe in the power of design to re-ignite human connectivity. Launched as a complement to Lot71, art and commerce per se, The Capture Shop is my new platform dedicated to creating work that helps make the world a better place through design. ​​​
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