Mike Brown, Principal + Founder
It’s the stories we tell in the spaces we create that make the places people love to be
Business owner / Independent Contractor with 20+ years of professional experience working with world-class brands, agencies and design firms across media and entertainment, innovation and technology, fashion and retail. Recognized for experience-led creative vision, high-profile new business wins, internal XFN team leadership, and client-facing business acumen.
I am a storyteller and place-maker driven by the power of design to reignite human connection. I create thought-provoking destinations that build community through transformative experiences that can only happen there. Grounded in relevant narratives, the results build community, purpose and collaboration. I leverage my experience across marketing and architecture as a key factor for companies to increase engagement through place-making, design and technology. Culture to commerce I am inspired by the future and what could be.  

Creative Director / Consultant for companies leading future-forward initiatives that drive growth and market value through place-making, design and technology. Available for project-based, consulting, in-house contract, or full-time opportunities.

• Experience-led creative direction and design services for companies across culture and commerce
• Environments and Experiences, physical to virtual, pop-up to permanent, interactive to multi-sensory
• Solutions-oriented ideation that excels where investment meets innovation
• Entrepreneurial background facilitates anticipating challenges, leading to championing ideas that mitigate those risks
• Leadership with empathy to build trust and collaboration, align on shared purpose, and solve needs from the inside out

• Holistic ideation at scale 
• XFN creative leadership
• Business & brand acumen
• Communication & collaboration
• Team & relationship building
• Thinker, Maker, Do-er
To complement Lot71, The Capture Shop is an exploration of the stories I see in the built environment. 
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