Creativity and craft power me. Visionaries and outliers in architecture, design and technology inspire me. 
As VP Creative Director for experiential strategy and design at Superfly, I lead creative for the first company-wide launch event of Verizon's OATH in 2017. They hired Superfly, renowned producer of generation-defining music + arts festivals Bonnaroo and Outsidelands, to bring the brand to life in an unexpected way. We transformed Denver, Colorado's Adams County Fairground into a 2 day indoor/outdoor festival event that "manifested palpable cultural impact for 2300 previous competitors now working as one vibrant new entity." 
The Oath Brand Mark inspired the organizing principle, consumer journey and structures across the environment. We created a design language unique to the brand with geodesic dome tents, illuminated lawn-spheres, and circular shade canopies. The center of the festival was marked with The Burst — a 30’ high mirrored sculpture evocative of the unifying force of previous competitors that would spark feelings of pride and belonging, and motivate everyone to work together as teammates moving forward as part of the new brand.
Inviting the company to an unexpected place and re-writing the rules of conventional meetings, the intention was to focus on the people and culture of this new brand first, and the business and money-making a secondary byproduct. Sales and Marketing conference by day — Vibrant music festival at night,  live concerts, food and games supercharged the culture of commerce. ​​​​​​​
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