My truths anchor my craft — unwavering creative vision, a distinctive experience strategy, and a good dose of allegorical secret-sauce.
Environmental Design for the MLB Fan Cave in New York City celebrating the fans of the game with a social media incubating urban art and technology infused baseball nirvana - the proverbial “31st Ballpark”. The hugely successful brand vehicle implemented an array of experiential strategies to “address three specific areas in which MLB saw opportunity for growth: engaging with fans via social media, both at the league level and through players; reaching younger fans and converting casual baseball fans into more avid followers; and raising the profile of our players by showcasing their off-field personalities.”
The MLB Fan Cave was host to the seasonal “9 Person Cave Dweller” social media competition, as well as live broadcasts (MLB and ESPN), live concerts, fan events and celebrity guest appearances. Intended as a multi-platform social media brand incubator, the environment amplified the national conversation around baseball which extended and perpetuated the relationships all fans across the country have with the Game.
Lot71 worked in collaboration with MLB as a turnkey provider from concept development to installation, creating solutions in experiential strategy, environmental design, lighting design and art direction. From iconic baseball stadium lighting fixtures, a scale “Jumbo-Tron Video Wall” and a blazing orange “Home Run Slide”, to an undulating marquee of 200 Louisville Slugger Bats, expansive graffiti murals by local artists and well-stocked game lounges, the buzz-worthy environmental designs incorporated gestures of urban art, pop-culture, media, technology and baseball itself. 
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