Storytelling in design puts people at the center of a meaningful narrative — and when design captures the intangibles — time, attention, and emotion — what dreams may come!
Produced by Superfly, legendary Music and Arts Festival, Bonnaroo, is a 4 day mecca of 200 bands, 80,000+ fans, and supremely good vibes. The heart and soul of this annual pilgrimage is a celebration of like minded people coming together, to unite, inspire and empower each other to live their best life. Jeep was the automotive sponsor for Bonnaroo in 2017, coinciding with the launch of the new Jeep Compass. As VP Creative Director for experiential design and strategy at Superfly, I lead creative for this project. 
We were tasked with creating an activation footprint with a clear set of intentions: Bring people together around shared purpose and passion. Invite people to participate in the brand story. Feature the new Jeep to inspire and empower people’s love for adventure. In the hot Tennessee summer sun, we gave festival goers what they crave most — shade and water. “Adventure Falls Powered by Jeep” featured 3 new Jeeps parked under colorful tensile shade sails, and a roaring waterfall that poured from a 20’ tall tower capped with a compass sculpture seen near and far, day and night.  
We invited attendees to catch a break from the sun in the cool shade and mist of the Falls, and hop into a brand new Jeep to learn more about the vehicles. Over 10,000 people visited the activation during the 4 day music and arts festival.Technology or not, the Experience Generation is thriving. Storytelling. Design. Place-making.
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