Experiential design is a hands-on conversation between a visitor and the built environment — it puts the human experience behind every element in the space — Storytelling in Design IS Experiential Design.
Installation Designs at Bulgari’s 5th Avenue flagship store to preview the Mediterranean Eden and Monete Collections (2 seasons) that transformed the 2nd floor interior environment into immersive, elegant, and lyrical Lake Como-inspired private gardens. Panoramic floor-to-ceiling murals of villa architecture, Italianate gardens and private courtyards lined the second story hall, interior windows and a small conference room as seamless manifestations of the brand campaign within the store architecture. Faux sandstone display fixtures and potted topiary trees ornamented the spaces. 
As though strolling down tree-lined allees to private gardens in Como or exclusive palazzo rooms on the Amalfi Coast, guests were completely immersed within spectacularly rich and vibrant settings for viewing the new jewelry and leather bags. The solutions were developed in collaboration with Bulgari’s marketing executives from creative inception to installation. In addition to the flagship store installations, the work was duplicated for a private event and exclusive dinner celebrating the new collections at a Bal Harbour Miami mansion. Architectural Digest Magazine proclaimed the installations as “elegant and magical transformations of a world renowned luxury store environment - the perfect lyrical space to present the new collections for Bulgari.”
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