Uniqlo Holiday

VM Installation Design for Uniqlo’s three New York locations - notably the new 5th Avenue flagship store - that transformed the iconic glass and mirror interiors into glittering snow globes of light for the 2011 holiday season. Amplifying the stores’ infinitely reflective and iconic translucent interior architecture, thousands of mirror balls, dozens of white neon snowflakes and miles of red metallic vinyl transformed the environments into dazzling spaces infused with a magical holiday spirit. The solutions were developed in collaboration with Uniqlo’s global visual merchandising team from creative inception to installation. Seen from the outside, the operatic scale installation designs - glittering curtain walls of light - filled the soaring glass facade and 3 story atrium of the flagship location, as well as the signature “glass display cube” found in every store, provided spectacular volumes of narrative space for the experiential installations.

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