Uniqlo Heattech

VM Installation Design for Uniqlo’s 3 New York locations - notably the 5th Avenue flagship store - inspired by the warmth, color and weightlessness of the Heattech brand. The installations infused the holistic architectural experience of each store environment with the sensation of Heattech with color, light and movement. Colored lines of fluorescent light appeared to pierce through Uniqlo’s iconic glass and mirror architecture, physically immersing consumers with the feeling of the collections as they walked through the environment. The solutions were developed in collaboration with Uniqlo’s global visual merchandising team from creative inception to installation. Modular lighting systems were designed to work seamlessly with the unique environments of each store - temporary sculptural manifestations of the architecture itself. The soaring glass facade and 3 story atrium of the flagship location, as well as the signature “glass display cube” found in every store, provided spectacular volumes of narrative space for the experiential installations.

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