Stomp Out Loud

Environmental Production Design for Stomp Out Loud at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Casino that immersed audiences in an eye-popping interactive explosion of “Las Vegas Whiz-Bang-Ding-Ding-Ding” turned inside out and plastered across the walls and ceilings of the 30,000 square foot environment - lobby, lounge, gift shop, and 1500 seat proscenium theater - for the sit-down production of the iconic show. With every inch of wall space encrusted, the audience experience going into and coming out the environment was as infectious as the show itself - with “please-touch” moving parts and drumsticks hanging everywhere for them to engage directly. The task - create a richly unexpected world of iconic Las Vegas surprise that unfolded to visitors’ eyes from the lobby space to the stage space the longer they looked. Inspired by the sculptural collage work of Jean Tinguely, truck loads of vintage slot machines, roulette wheels, gaming tables, neon, road signs, and prototypical trash cans, tires and car parts were reconstituted into kinetic sculptures, lighting fixtures and wall decor. A Claes Oldenburg inspired roulette-wheel fountain anchored the lobby and a monolithic encrusted game wheel spun on the back wall of the epic stage.

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