Allegories in space. Shot on iPhone.

"Warp Drive"
"Eye Roll"
"In the Belly of a Whale"
"Invisible Cities"
"Loft Envy"
"doʇS Sign"
"Caged Bird"
"Harrington's Ghost"
"East River Noir"
"Something Wicked This Way Comes"
"Eat More Matzoh!"
"Like a Runaway Train"
"Tiled Sunshine"
"The Spaces Inbetween"
"In a New York Minute"
"Pure Joy"
"Kind of Blue"
"Gateway to a Maze"
"Put Your Damn Phone Down (Or You'll Miss It)"
"Green Sandbox"
"Far Far Far Away"
"Brant's Vault"
"Forward. Fast."
"Golden Age"
"City of Gold"
"Masterpiece II"
"LES School of EDM"
"They Don't Build 'Em Like They Used To"
"Summer Wind"
"Train Station Envy"
"To Infinity and Beyond"
"5 Points"
"Blade Runner"
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