CNN Grills

Experiential Strategy and Environmental Design for the 2008 and 2012 CNN Grills - immersive, pop-up broadcast studios at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions on behalf of Civic Entertainment Group for CNN. Whether re-programming a real time bar/restaurant with a live broadcast stage, or transforming an empty parking garage to function as one, the objective was to create immersive environments for live broadcast and off-hour social engagement between convention delegates, reporters and notable guests. These activations in Denver, St Paul, Tampa and Charlotte demonstrated the impact and value of programming live experiential space in this transformational era of broadcast news alongside social and earned media. Anchored by the architecture and interiors of the selected venues, as well as programming objectives and brand collateral, visual narratives and interactive touch-points were developed to welcome, excite and engage live attendees and broadcast audiences throughout the conventions. Existing interiors and fixtures were transformed with graphics, lighting and signage, while striking dimensional decor and interactive technologies re-defined programming from the exterior facades to primary communal areas that would serve as in-situ backdrops for live broadcasts. Solutions for these activations that sparked new life into the convention delegate experience were developed in collaboration with Civic and associates from creative inception to installation.

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